Behind The War in Context


Behind the Gaza War

Behind the Gaza War

I don't think people have any idea what's really happening in Gaza and why it is happening. A few weeks ago, right before this war in Gaza ignites, Netanyahu goes to the United Nations General Assembly and he holds up this map and declares his plan for a new Middle East. 

And people are going, what is this stupid line this guy is drawing with a red marker? What it is, is an economic corridor that stretches all the way from India to the United Arab Emirates into Saudi Arabia, into Jordan, Israel, and then finally to the entire European continent. 

I mean, the United States at this point, seeing their influence starting to fade, seeing the relevance of the dollar recede after they stole $300 billion from Russia. You have all these spooks in Washington and Tel Aviv running around desperately trying to counter bricks and counter China's new Silk Road. 

And this is their answer. This is a rival to the new Silk Road. Remember, the ancient Silk Road is the largest, most important trade route in human history. This thing is enormous. It stretches all the way from China to Syria to the Mediterranean Sea. 

The Chinese know how important this thing is and they want to revive it. It is the future of world economics, trade, and politics. Within the span of a few weeks, Iran and Iraq have signed a railway deal. 

So now you have a rail link for the new Silk Road and President Assad of Syria, who the West have been trying to isolate for over a decade, is now visiting China, the world's largest economy, and signing a strategic partnership. 

This is pivotal. So now the new Silk Road has rail access all the way to the Mediterranean Sea through Syria's port in Latakia. So not just land, but maritime trade. This is crucial. And as enormous and important as all of this is, this is just one aspect. 

This is just one aspect. You still have the gas. How can we talk about the Middle East without talking about gas and oil? When the US instigated the Meidankhu in 2014, that wasn't just about NATO expanding. 

expansion and encirclement of Russia. This was about surrounding, controlling and cutting off Russian gas to Europe. Russia is the country with the largest proven reserves of natural gas. Controlled Ukraine and you control the pipelines that feed and supply Russian gas to Europe. 

For decades, you've had US politicians, Republican and Democrat from every administration, openly saying on camera, we don't want Nord Stream. There will be, there will be no longer Nord Stream too. We will bring an end to it. 

You want to have pipelines that don't go through Ukraine and Russia. For years, we've tried to get the Europeans to be interested in different pipeline routes. It's time to do that. You want to depend more on the North American energy platform, the tremendous bounty of oil and gas that we're finding in North America. 

Lo and behold, Nord Stream 1 and 2 are blown up. I mean, this is without question the most egregious, the largest terrorist attack on European infrastructure in modern history. There are only three countries on this planet that can pull this off. 

They are Russia, Britain, and the United States. And let me tell you, it was not Russia. You combine that with the sanctioned packages from the European Union, banning Russian oil and gas. I mean, talk about shooting yourself in the foot. 

So now there's no more Russian gas coming into Europe. And just like that, the United States have achieved a longstanding foreign policy objective. Now, the only other country with enormous gas reserves the second largest in the world is Iran. 

Iran signed the nuclear deal in 2015 and 2016. They're complying in every way imaginable. The IAEA at the UN cannot be happier. And then the United States, you know, the guys who orchestrated the whole deal, go back on their word and they rip it up just like that and reimpose sanctions on Iran. 

So now Iran is barred from selling its oil and gas to Europe and others. So Russia and Iran, the two countries with the largest gas reserves are out of the picture. Then Israel all of a sudden proposed themselves as a solution to the European Union's gas shortages. 

Take our trilateral energy, for example, that we closed in June with Egypt and Israel. It has played an important role in our strategy to get rid of the Russian fossil fuels. How convenient. How convenient. 

In 2010, they conducted a geological survey and find this monstrous giant gas field in the Middle East. It's called the Leviathan and it's in the Mediterranean Sea on the Levantine Basin. That means it's right off the coast of Palestine, Lebanon, Syria. 

Syria initially declines offers over its gas reserves and simultaneously refuses to lay pipes for a Qatari gas project. What a coincidence. Barely a year later, war breaks out in Syria. And who's funding it? 

Qatar and Israel. 

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